Kicked in the Door, Waving the Four-Four

Since it’s an intro, this post might be more serious than anything that’ll follow.

It’s official. Barack Hussein Obama is president. I actually started to create this blog weeks ago but got caught up with work, life and an anemic motivation to write. But after overdosing on the Obama Kool-Aid this weekend in DC, (and one of my favorite part-time bloggers going full-time) motivation was no longer an issue. And don’t get me wrong: growing up, I’ve had many role models, but Barack is my hero. Forget the metaphors of crashing through ceilings. He’s kicked in the door on this country’s oldest academic and political establishments and is now ostensibly the most powerful man on the planet. He has people in every crevice of the racial spectrum around the planet in awe of him and our country. He has black kids around the United States believing that there really is nothing that they can’t accomplish. My 3-year-old’s relationship to the void of African-Americans in the US Presidency will be akin to my relationship to the Colored-only fountains and lunch counters. Or not… I read about that isht in history books; she had tickets to the inauguration. So, for changing the game on race and power and motivational perspective of American minorities, yes, he’s my hero.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t have a little fun. During the primary and general election campaigns, I thought it would be dope to get inside Barack Obama’s head when some of the craziest isht was being said about him, like he was Osama bin Stalin and would get the Panthers and the Unibomber to help run the country. Good times.. good times! Now that Barack is officially POTUS #44… it’s time to get it cracking.


~ by Chief Racka on January 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Kicked in the Door, Waving the Four-Four”

  1. Good shit and congrats on the blog. Uhm, why u not put me up on the inauguration hook up?

  2. Got the tix on a 3rd party hookup.

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