The First African-American First Couple’s First Act? Introducing the world to CPT.


Colored People Time. ie: Being chronically late

Growing up as a first generation American, I didn’t actually learn what CPT was until I got to college.  Sheeit, I actually hadn’t eaten grits until I was in college, either.  (I got clowned on like I was the Black Joe Pesce in “My Cousin Vinny” because of it. True story) But since most of my black friends in grade and high school were also 1st gen Americans, I guess somehow CPT never made it into our vernacular.  And don’t get me wrong. It was a well-known part of our culture, we just hadn’t defined it.  So I nearly fell out of my seat laughing last night when I found out that the Inaugural Parade was running late on account of the Prez running late. Running late? Seriously? WTF? Isn’t the president’s schedule a precisely choreographed slate of meetings and events? Of course it is. And I know that the main reason for the lateness was Ted Kennedy’s illness. But that’s what CPT is. I don’t think black people mean to be late or always plan poorly… It’s just that shit happens that seems to be totally out of our control when we need to be on time. If I was Obama, I’d put out this statement:

“Look, uh… I apoligize to everyone who was inconvenienced because of Michelle and my tardiness yesterday. It’s especially embarrassing since it happened only hours after I was sworn in as president… And because I strongly urge personal responsibility.  And because I’m Black. But you know,   I mean… What are the chances of one Senator, your boy, having a seizure at Your Presidential luncheon, causing another Senator to get ill- throwing your whole day off? It’s CPT! Want do you want from me? Look, America… I’m definitely going to do better. But as hard as it is to describe how and why it happens, I hope that you can see the events of yesterday as an example of how the excuses Black people sometimes give to their lateness may not be as ridiculous as they may seem. I mean, not everyone knows a US Senator but doesn’t the “explanation” sound somewhat familiar?”


~ by Chief Racka on January 21, 2009.

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