Banana Republicans


Many journalists and pundits called GW Bush’s junta-less (depending on your view of the Supreme Court) coup-d’etat in 2000 as G-dub’s first play to plunge the US onto Banana Republic ground. These criticisms were validated after the high level of corruption, cronyism and well pretty much everything GW did wrong and didn’t do right in office came to light.  I mean, he even got the Baby Doc/ Papa Doc thing down. I don’t think it ends there with Bush.  I think by and large, Republicans live in another social and technological era- which could explain why they’re going the way of the political dinosaur .

Remember pre-redneck gift bribery scandal, pre “Bridge to Nowhere” Alaska Senator Ted Stevens describing the internet as a series of tubes.

Republicans tried hard to destroy Net Neutrality?

Last week, when Obama staff entered their White House offices, they found that the computers from the previous administration were so technologically inferior, that they couldn’t even check their Face Book pages! One staffer described it as going from an XBOX360 to an Atari 2600.  I would have been hoping the electricity stayed on.

I think the most technologically savvy thing the Repulicans did was use a “man in the middle” tactic to steal Ohio votes for G-dub’ss 2004 re-election. However in probably the most Banana Republic of political moves: The man hired to do the theft, Michael Connell, was mysteriously killed in a plane crash weeks before he was to testify about what really went down with the Ohio voting machines.

If I were Barack Obama, I’d say:

“Look.. you know that I’m probably the most technologically proficient president the United States has known. I FOUGHT for my Blackberry and won! They say the blacker the berry the sweeter the fruit. Uh.. Just be glad I’m in charge.”


~ by Chief Racka on January 30, 2009.

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