WTF Geithner, Daschle? Did you get your taxes done at a check cashing place?

Actually, no.. Tim Geithner blamed screwing up his taxes on Turbo Tax. I really don’t know how to feel about that. Here’s a guy who was a president of the Federal Reserve Bank of NY (AKA a branch of the most gangster “financial institutions” on the planet) so he’s no slouch. So I’m not doubting his ability to do his own taxes, I’m just surprised that he did. And that he used off the shelf tax software. And had the balls to blame the software.  B… if you buy a Soviet-era airplane and it crashes- Yeah, it’s a piece of shit, but YOU BOUGHT IT.  Don’t blame the plane. But the fucked up lesson  in self-accountability -in taxes of- all things, came from the dude who’s in charge of the “department of taxes”!
And Tom Daschle? Not paying taxes on a personal driver that was gifted to him by some corporate entity. Over $100k worth of “driving Mr Daschle”. Isn’t that similar to the shit former Senator Ted Stevens (AK) was charged with? -Except he accepted gifts like stuffed wolverines and moose (meese?)  and wooden tubes.  I have a friend who’s a judge who makes sure her that her part-time babysitter is “on the books” gets a W-2 ..the whole nine.. so that she doesn’t run afoul of the bench. She knows the potential bullshit just ain’t worth it. And she’s not a high-profile judge, but she takes her job and the potential problems that come along with it, seriously. So I was floored when potential White House official, Nancy Killefer- Chief Performance Officer withdrew as the drum beat of tax problems grew to a cacophony. Apparently, she paid her nanny off the books.  So where the fuck do these assholes get off trying to get off? [||] Insult to irony: in the senate, Tom Daschle worked on tax reform.
As much as I support prez Obama, I’m surprised that he tried to slide this shit through. He and his staff knew of these potential problems: It’s rumored that the Obama team’s vetting process is so thorough that they dig into your life as far back as kindergarten.  A lot of his detractors are starting to make noise that the prez has tarnished his image as an “agent of change” and that his mandate is in danger. Well, If he had a mandate it wasn’t worth much, because from jump, cornered congressional Republicans were doing their best to show that they had balls and opposed him on as mundane shit as ordering lunch. So what does this mean? Obama needs to stop thinking that he’s the Golden Child just because he’s wildly popular. Black people know that we have to work four times as hard as white people to get the same level of credit and respect. And that doesn’t mean that he only needs to work twice as hard because he’s half white. He’s already apologized and admitted his mistake (something a US president hasn’t done in at least 8 years) but he really needs to stop believing that his shit don’t stink. And these crooked bankers and politicians need to be held to the same standards as ordinary folks. And it should start with him.

If I were Barack, I’d put out a statement and it would go like this:

“Uh, Look.. I’m sorry. I messed up. I thought the expertise these appointed officials would bring to the table would outweigh the negatives of their tax problems, especially in this crucial time in history. But look, I know that my staff and myself, we all need to be held to a high standard regardless. We owe that to the American people. I tell you what though, if I start to realize that a large enough percentage of people cheat on their taxes, you’re all getting audited!”


~ by Chief Racka on February 5, 2009.

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