Obama Pals Around with Homeless People

(:35 into the video)

For probably the first time in generations, maybe the first time in history, the President of the United States knowingly hugs and kisses a homeless person. I say knowingly because presidents meet strangers all the time and may not necessarily know the people’s situation.  I would imagine that past presidents have met and shaken hands with hundreds of veterans, some of whom may or may not have been homeless. But they probably didn’t know that they were homeless, and if they did, the secret service probably dosed the POTUS with antibacterial handwash post-haste.

But Obama hugged and kissed a homeless woman.  Homeless. I have a hard enough time playing with kids with runny noses. Granted she lives in Florida so she’s not NYC subway homeless. And she lives in her car -which means something. But it’s hard to ignore the compassion that guy has for regular people.  It’s too bad that he isn’t superman or the messiah or whatever persona his detractors use to ridicule him.

President Obama got the stimulus package passed yesterday and the markets rallied like a wounded duck. Thanks Geithner. Lets hope that the work he and his staff are putting in can heal the economy within a year. And eventually make homelessness a thing of the past.


~ by Chief Racka on February 11, 2009.

One Response to “Obama Pals Around with Homeless People”

  1. That was huge. Very touching. Henrietta just made off like a bandit. Not mad at her.

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