Let’s Get Ready to ROFL

Thug Life, BitchesJacked from the Daily KOS

Yesterday, while the dust-up of the NY Post’s racist chimp cartoon was airing out, Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee took an unprecedented step. He said he’s bringing Hip Hop to the RNC… Or maybe it’s vice versa.  After getting their teeth kicked in by Barack Obama and the Democrats,  the Republicans appointed Steele as the first African-American to lead their party. And we’re not talking a “throw your hands in the air” kind of party.  At least not until now.  Steele, told the Washington Times that he’s planning to use an “Off the Hook” PR offensive to reach “urban-suburban hip-hop settings.” Off the hook?  Really? It’s bad enough that he’s a real black Republican, but the fact that he’s slinging 20th century slang (like it’s fresh) points to an obvious problem. He probably doesn’t know shit about rap music. Or black people. Get your popcorn ready.

You gotta love the Republicans, though. They thought the female vote was a lock by putting Sarah Palin on the Republican ticket. How’d that work out? Now they got Michael Steele (not to be confused with George “the Animal” Steele- college professor by day, maniac by night) to try to get the black/latino “urban” vote. What do they call someone who tries the same thing over and over again, but expects different results? Half past seven.

If I was Barack Obama, I’d tell Steele like this:

“Uh, Look… Mike Steele… Bring it, my nigga.. And don’t forget your Urban Dictionary.”

Remember, they tried this before:

~ by Chief Racka on February 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Let’s Get Ready to ROFL”

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