Secret Service needs to stay on their grizzly

With all of the shot-up chimp fuckery that went on last week, one of the issues that was glossed over in favor of the “NY Post is racist” meme was the gaul of them insinuating assassinating the president.  Black prez or white prez, is that shit ever acceptable? With all of GW Bush’s fuckups, real or contrived, I don’t think a cartoonist would have gotten away with publishing  a sketch of G-dub taking a dirt nap.  But somehow the warranted attention paid to the racist angle of the cartoon distracted from the homicidal angle.

Nary an Obama supporter hasn’t thought of the possibility of an assassination attempt.  And apparently nary a hater hasn’t either. Because of credible threats on his life, Senator Obama got secret service protection early in his campaign. Earlier than any previous presidential candidate. And it’s because he’s black. Sean Delonas didn’t just stoke racism with his cartoon, he brought up the fear of a nation of millions.

Back when G-dub had that pair of size 10 and a halfs thrown at him, I actually felt a tinge of sympathy for him. True story. I mean, the media talked about how much of a slap in the face it was, culturally. But shit, if  anyone throws a shoe at you in any country, fists will be flying, unless it’s your moms. Bush could do nothing but, look like Bush. What surprised me was the secret service’s reaction. Or lack of.  The Iraqi shoe thrower had time to let 2 hoofs fly before anyone tackled him. And it’s understandably good diplomacy to allow other Iraqis to put the beatdown on him, but shit.. Secret Service ran in like their dice game got interrupted… if that was secret service. These dudes are supposed to take a bullet for the president?

If I was Barack Obama, I’d say this:

“Uh look.. The President of the United States is protected by the secret service, the best security organization in the world. But if they fuck up, and I get touched, motherfuckers will blow shit up”

~ by Chief Racka on February 25, 2009.

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