Jindal = The new FAIL

That “Oh God” at :09 came before Piyush “Bobby” Jindal even opened his mouth. And once he did, by golly, it was fucking torture. It’s hard enough to have to follow any President of the United States with the requisite partisan standing ovation per minute. But having to follow the newly minted Barack Obama is like having to perform after James Brown in his prime.

Jindal sounded like a hillbilly in a GOP infomercial, hawking the same tired shit: “Government can’t do blah blah blah” and “Big government blah blah blah.” Even the members of the GOP, who Anderson Cooper compared to 50 Cent for losing to Kanye(?), said “He bombed out.” There’s even a Facebook group called Bobby Jindal is Kenneth the Page.” [From the hilarious 30 Rock]   Indian Americans have to be pissed. How do you start the week off with Slumdog Millionaire’s success and kill Pro-Indo movement two days later?

This moment was supposed to be Piyush’s biggest. The GOP was trying to position him for a run agains Obama in 2012, but now it looks unlikely. With his fucked up politics and crazy religious views, I’d like to make sure it doesn’t happen. I’d like to make the word (verb/adjective) Jindal the new Fail. Someone fucks up: JINDAL. They fuck up on a large scale: Epic JINDAL. It’s easy.

Here’s Kenneth the Page’s response:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

~ by Chief Racka on February 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “Jindal = The new FAIL”

  1. The Jimmy Fallon “Late Night” Show is going to be that fire. The Roots is the house band.

  2. Made my way over here from Combat Jack. Good stuff here!

    Saying Jindhal instead of Fail is hilarious! I’ll support any push to get that lingo to the general public lol

  3. Thank you…. definitely spread the word.

  4. The word is spread!

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