Imagine smoking weed in the streets without cops harassing…

A ‘lil reading soundtrack.

I used to think that putting dangerous prisoners to death was the cheapest way of taking care of them; I mean shit, you kill them and you don’t have to feed or clothe them anymore, right?   But because the prison industrial complex actually makes profits off the backs of inmates it actually turns out that criminals on death row mire states in millions of dollars in legal fees for appeals, it’s cheaper to actually keep criminals incarcerated. In Kansas it’s $740K for regular incarceration versus $1.25M for death row. Because of this reality, and because of the sorry state of our economy, many states are looking to get rid of death row altogether. Changes to the criminal justice system may not end there.

Remember when you were in college and the neo-hippies would talk about how tobacco farmers had tons of acreage “standing by” to be used for weed crops, and the sales from said crops would inject billion dollars into the economy, dude? Well it turns out they were right, about the economy part anyway. And that day could come sooner than expected. The economic case for the legalization of marijuana couldn’t scream louder. Besides the fact that billions of dollars could be made from the taxation of legal marijuana, states could save billions  by not having to “reform” non-violent drug offenders stuck in the prison system.

During his presidential campaign, Barack Obama said that the so-called War on Drugs needed to be reassessed. Recently, President Obama halted DEA raids on medical marijuana facilities in California (more on that here at Proper Talks). The next step should be to decriminalize marijuana for personal consumption. I would suggest starting in California, where the proliferation of medical marijuana shops dispensaries have already softened the perception of cannabis. California would serve as a model for the rest of the country. It would probably be years until the public was sold on the idea, but agri-business in the US could use a new profit base. And dethroning King Corn wouldn’t be a bad thing.

If I was Barack Obama, I’d release this statement:

“Uh..Look. The solution is a simple one. The execution is a bit more complex. The problem is that the for close to a century now, marijuana has had a stigma attached to it. But it’s much less dangerous than tobacco. And it’s as much of a gateway drug as alcohol. Changing the general public’s perception will take somework,  but I will decriminilize marijuana for personal use. And for thoes of you who are afraid of this change, don’t worry… It won’t be no fucking Hamsterdam out this motherfucker, and the economy and the world will be better for it. My administration will start the PR work on April 20.”


~ by Chief Racka on March 2, 2009.

6 Responses to “Imagine smoking weed in the streets without cops harassing…”

  1. Yes! Let the good folks of “Cali-Forn-ee-ah” and “The Governator” be the example. We all know besides a big butt and a smile, he enjoys a nice smooth toke of the sticky icky every now and then. ( remember those Brazil videos).

  2. Hells yeah, I remember seeing Ahnuld wilding out. I think he needs some extra strong shit though.. They might need to develop a sativa strain called Swastika Steroids just for ‘ol boy.

  3. Word up, legalize that ish and let’s get kniccas up outta this cot-damned recession yo! I’d be the first to invest in a smoke shop. No lie.

  4. Hells yeah man.. Could be the Rockefellers of weed an shit.

  5. lmao at “It won’t be no fucking Hamsterdam out this motherfucker” folks would go nuts if he said that.

  6. […] years since I’ve touched the stuff as often as I post about it, but with a quick reference to this, It looks like Massachusetts isn’t going to be out-smoked by California. State legislators […]

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