Recreation of US Air flight landing in the Hudson

I think the world OD’d on the Hudson River crash landing two days after it happened. But I found this video that shows what happened as it happened, and it’s pretty cool. It’s pretty effing funny too, since the pilot was like, “Nah.. We’ll be in the Hudson” as he was taking it into the water.


~ by Chief Racka on March 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Recreation of US Air flight landing in the Hudson”

  1. That happened that fast? And they were all calm and shit. I wanna hear what the passengers were saying… Oh well, waiting to see how Hollywood is gonna do this.

  2. I was thinking the same thing… it all took place in under 3 mins. It’ll be the illest shit Hollywood ever pulled off: Stretching a 3 minute event into at least 90 minutes. And yeah, they were all mad calm- the pilot especially. I was on an overseas flight where the turbulence was on some LOST shit and the pilot screamed at the flight attendants (voice cracked and everything) to get to their stations. Sullenberger was business as usual. “Nah… Hudson”

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