I think I understand why rednecks become terrorists. Update 1

falling down

Just a quick follow-up to “I think I understand why rednecks become terrorsts“.

So last Friday, I went to the NAMBLA NCTPV or the Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations bureau in Hempstead, Long Island (AKA little Santo Domingo) to get my license unsuspended. I just assumed that they’d just throw the case out because it took place almost a generation ago. But because the whole incident actually took place about 11 years ago, they only had hard data on what went down. Charm and outrage apparently can’t do shit about that.

I got a court copy of the paperwork and it said that I’d not produced insurance information on the LIE (Long Island Expressway) on April 22, 1998. Once I saw the location, I remembered that I was involved in a 4 car accident on my way to a consulting gig in LI at about that time… which explains why I don’t remember ever getting pulled over. I remember being asked for papers but I don’t remember not being able to provide anything that was asked and I never received no fucking summons. Anyway, the accident scene is the only thing that makes sense right now. And since they have the right driver’s license number, they got me pinned, like it or not.

11 years after the fact, Nassau County either wants me to pay up a couple of hundred dollars to make as if it didn’t happen- or show proof of insurance from April 22 1998.  I was ready to just pay it and get back to life as usual but then I realized that it basically amounted to bribery: Pay them off and admit guilt and forget it all happened.  But that’s fucked up. Not to mention that it was so long ago that the cop involved could be dead or retired… So nah.. fuck them.. I’m not guilty and they’re not getting my hard-earned trap just because. I’m getting that little annoying ass Gecko to fax me my proof of insurance from 4.22.98 so that I can have the case thrown out.  Why the woman on the phone from NCTPV didn’t tell me that I’d need this to get my shit untwisted so that I didn’t waste an afternoon in the country is beyond me.

I still haven’t gotten the letter together to send to my congressman about the DMV notifying folks about having their licenses suspended… but I’m thinking about putting a petition together along with it. Be on the lookout for that too.


~ by Chief Racka on March 16, 2009.

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  1. […] my frustrations of unknowingly having my license suspended for the past year and half  here and here.  Last Friday, I spent a decent amount of time trying to get proof of insurance from the gecko […]

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