The Fresh Prince of Southwest Air -or- Michael Steele does it again

Check out this video of a Southwest Airlines flight attendant rapping the flight safety instructions. You know… the one you usually ignore while trying to figure out where the closest bathroom is.

The flight attendant said that he rapped the message because he was bored after he’d already read it 5 times that day. But I know what’s really happening. Michael Steele. He got involved and made this happen. Did you see the demographics on that plane? Straight blancos! (not that there’s anything wrong with that) But you’d expect nothing less from a flight to Oklohoma City, right? But see, Oklahoma is a very red state. So what’s easily missed from this video is the genius of Michael Steele using all of the weapons at his disposal to accomplish his HipHop Urban Suburban Bling Bling (whatever the fuck) initiative. Follow me.

Southwest Airlines’s largest private owner is its chairman, Herbert Kelleher.
The airline’s 2nd largest institutional owner is PrimeCAP Management.

From Yahoo Finance:



The 1st and 3rd largest institutional owners are essentially a wash with their higher-ups contributing equally to Democrats and Republicans (mostly Republican at the presidential level).
But PrimeCAP, the 2nd largest institutional owner contributed strictly to Republicans – even Mitt Romney!
Click to go to contributions page

Herbert Kelleher contributed big and also only to Repulicans:hebert kelleher contributions

When you follow the money, you see who owns the airline.  When you follow their contributions you see where their political proclivities lay. Michael Steele put in a call to major donor Kelleher and the the others told them that he wanted to make his Republican HipHop thing more palatable to the RNC’s current base. Kelleher told him that he “has a guy who gets busy” and the result is the video above. Ingenious! As you can see, the middle-aged white men loved it very much. So much so, one guy even threw up a gang sign!  I used to laugh at Michael Steele for trying to take it there, but the more gems he drops, the more I’m starting to see his inner Einstein. Bravo, Michael Steele. Bravo!

If I were Barack Obama, I’d release this statement:

“Uh.. Look.. You know.. That’s pretty clever. But Michael Steele is still a sucker and he gets no wins from me…. Punkass.”

~ by Chief Racka on March 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Fresh Prince of Southwest Air -or- Michael Steele does it again”

  1. Lol, uhhh…how do you come up with this stuff? I’m actually surprised that they kept the beat considering the crowd =/…did you see the face of the one brotha? He was looking a lil bothered.

  2. And to think, you said you weren’t no Sherlock Holmes.

  3. I have no idea how I come up with this stuff. Some of the voices in my head make me laugh and I just run with them.

  4. Southwest should give this flight attendant a raise for giving them such a huge advertisement boost

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