It’s been a long time….

A bout of the flu, a week to recoup/ focus on work, then a week away on Spring Break later (making sure it didn’t turn into “Toddler Gone Wild”) and damn near 4 weeks have passed since my last drop! We missed out on a lot of good material: Hulk Hogan channeling his inner OJ; Clueless rednecks get their teabagging on, but spend more money on actual tea than rednecks have ever spent on tea to protest wasteful gov’t spending; Somali pirates hijack a US ship and get tooken out in a dramatic made-for-TV rescue mission; And people bug-out that quite possibly the ugliest woman on the planet actually sings a lot better than she looks.

I’m still pretty busy with work and other stuff, but it definitely won’t be weeks til the CR’s next drop.


~ by Chief Racka on April 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “It’s been a long time….”

  1. I was just about to send out a search and rescue party for you!

  2. Good to see u back.

  3. Good to be back.

  4. ’bout effin time.

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