Old School Rappers (and Mr T) Finally Get Paid

Slick Rick Blinged out

After the Supreme Court of the United States validated George W. Bush’s coup d’etat after the 2000 election/shenanigans, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart gave some investment advice that could have made you a load of money: “HORDE GOLD!”  That expression of exasperation was a true moment of clairvoyance. You see, usually when the economy shows signs that it’s going to shit, smart money runs to gold because it keep its value while currencies lose value -which gives the appearance of gold gaining value. In January 2001 when G-Dub took office, an ounce of gold was worth about $280. Today, that same ounce is worth somewhere around $906 – more than triple what it was before Bush and Co raped the world’s economies. The (not so) funny thing is that as I was saying before: gold’s price is a constant, so it’s not so much that gold is worth that much more today than it was 8 years ago, it’s really that the dollar is worth that much less than it did 8 years ago (more or less…but I won’t digress).

Back when rappers were still making Mazda MPV and Samurai Suzuki money, fat gold chains were the Bentley Coup of the day. The more chains you had and the fatter your dookies, the bigger your status. Rappers from Eric B & Rakim to Run DMC & Jam Master J to LL Cool J (and Cut Creator?) set the standard for what would become Hip Hop’s bling culture. But because a lot of early rap artists had relatively unlucrative and oppressive recording contracts, the chains were dope, but having a month’s paycheck dangling off your neck probably wasn’t the smartest move (especially since a few former rappers ended up working in fast food). But with the economy being what it is… that shit’s finally paying off. Even MC Hammer got in on the movement and did a commercial for Cash4Gold.com. A while ago, I think he was talking about it on Twitter and I tweeted him [||] asking if he’d gotten paid in gold. He ignored me, but I have a feeling it’s either because he was pissed that he hadn’t thought of it, or if he just thought I was being a dick. Anyway…

If I were Barack Obama…

“Uhh.. Look… If pre-golden era (no pun intended) rappers still got their chains, they’d do well to sell their shit.. and before the economy recovers. And if you’re a new rapper with new money and you’re buying jewels today, the fuck are you thinking?”

And now a moment of Zen (December 13 2000)

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~ by Chief Racka on April 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Old School Rappers (and Mr T) Finally Get Paid”

  1. I have a song about alot of back biting that i have been the victim of.This song is registered with Ascap called:”Back Bitaz”. It starts off like. Intro-dey smile in yo face,face,face.-3 voices tracked -dont,dont,dont,dont,dont-dont-[what dey do]3 voices tracked.-repeat.hook:[dey smile in yo face]-3 voices, all the time dey wanna take you place,/ dem back bitaz-[ back bitaz]-3 voices tracked.-repeat.bridge:-slow hip hop tempo- when i’m walkin down tha street, i’m seein dem back bitaz,/ and when i;m tryna eat,/ i’m hearin dem back bitaz,/ maybe when i go ta sleep,/ continous back bitaz,/ and if i deal wit a freak,/ entourages of back bitaz.-repeat hook for a total of 4 bars. verse one [ white boy tone ] slow hip hop tempo- “neva in my life have i been around so many hataz,/ dem tryna knock me off,/ and eat me like a pack of gataz-[aaahraaah!]-[street thug tone]- “i dont’t know why,/ maybe cause i’m the besta,/ dey like da adams family ta me,/ wit uncle fester.-[white boy tone]-“i’m a typa guy,/ dat’ll give my shirt off backa,/ it ain’t enough,/ cause dey keep on comin around me,/ when dey smoke dat cracka,[street thug tone]-“i think these people are sick,/even demented,now dey loosin all there strenghth,/ like popeye witout his spinach.-repeat hook.for a total of 8 bars.If this song shows potential, send me an email at: thyatirian@mail.com,or:lowery.thyatirian.marvin@gmail.com

  2. I think that this song i wrote is a potential billboard chart locker. please correspond asap!

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