Still Caking off Obama?

the corner

The homie GTO will appreciate this. I was armed with my camera so I took advantage and did some DP-style photo journalism.

Earlier today, I was in the neighborhood I spent my first 17.5 years on this planet. Feeling nostalgic, I decided to hit the bodega strip on Springfield for an Italian Ice – which turned into a goose chase – niggas need to burn down bodegas that don’t have italian ices in stock when it’s hot outseriously. Anyway. The stores that were around when I was a kid were replaced by new, yet older looking stores. The Jamaicans that sold the best beef pattie/coco-bread in the front and vinyl and weed in the back were lonnnng gone. The barbershop that I thought would be there forever on some KRS-type shit was also gone. A check cashing place replaced the corner Superette (not a good look). And the other corner property that once housed a pharmacy -that oddly only moved a block away- had this:
Obama store

The hysteria over businesses trying to capitalize off of our President’s popularity has long since died down, and this place would’ve gotten thrown into that whole discussion. But the shit that killed me wasn’t even that it was an Obama Dollar Store.. heh – actually, a 99 cent store. It was the proprietor. See, the person minding the store was an Albanian looking woman- straight outta “Wag the Dog”, like this: (same head scarf, minus the village on fire)

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing but love for against Albanians (especially after finding this in my google image search) but as a kid, my hood pass was damn near a passport in and out cuz I fuxed with more than rap music… so my question is – What the fuck is Albanians doing in the hood? Capitalizing off of Obama at that?- dollar store style… unharassed? Have skinny jeans neutered the youts? Do the Chinese take-out joints not have to spit in their food anymore?
She was probably illegal too… The woman barely spoke a word of English and didn’t seem to know what an Italian Ice was. That’s just bad form. If you’re going to make money off a politician’s name, you should at least be able to vote for him. And you should know what an Italian Ice is so you don’t get your shit burned down. Did Sharpton know about this? The fuck?

~ by Chief Racka on April 29, 2009.

5 Responses to “Still Caking off Obama?”

  1. Stay Gold Pony Boy! Everything can’t be the same as it use to be. and on that note “SPRINGFIELD and ONE TWELVE! YEAH! WHAT! WHAT!”

  2. lol

  3. Wheres the If I was Barack Obamma statement?

  4. That was some personal rant shit… didn’t think he would weigh in on that.

  5. I mean, he *could* ban Albanians from the hood, but that would be fucked up. Funny though.

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