Teabaggers Set to Boycott Mayonnaise


In an attempt to salvage momentum lost from their failed “Teabag the White House” movement, conservatives are using Cinco de Mayo as an anti-Immigrant platform. The Mexican holiday, which is Spanish for May 5th, has drawn fire from conservatives who fear the Swine Flu pandemic. Austin, Texas “Hold the Mayo” organizer Jed McIntyre said something needed to be done. “We knew that American jobs were being taken by Mexicans, but now that they’re bringing in that Swine Flu, our lives are under attack too. Cinco de Mayo is Mexican, therefore a threat and we will boycott Mayonnaise from May 5th until our borders are secure.”

~ by Mr N-Bomb on May 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Teabaggers Set to Boycott Mayonnaise”

  1. BWAHAHAHAHA how can you NOT laugh at that dumbass quote? It’s the most ridiculous thing. Any thinking person will easily and quickly dismiss that lunatic with a handwave and a BLT, extra Mayo… because as we ALL know, securing our borders is a matter of culinary importance. Ugh, jackass.

  2. LOL @Culinary importance. But I like Canadian bacon.

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