Shit Smears and Tax Evasion

@ 1:30 Erin Burnett of CNBC defends tax havens on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Ever watch one of those documentaries on how they built NYC’s first skyscrapers? Back then, the corporate powers that be let everyone know human life was expendable. Occupational safety laws weren’t what they are today and that combined with the fact that so many people didn’t have much to do it made for a macabre NASCAR  spectacle. People gathered outside construction sites hoping to see a body slam to the earth from record breaking heights. During the Great Depression, out of work construction workers also gathered with tools in hand, hoping to replace one of the newly be-splattered. One skyscraper construction firm said that by the early 1920’s there was 1 death for every 33 hours worked.

The food business wasn’t much better or safer. Imagine if instead of the small percentage of roach legs and rat droppings that’s acceptable today’s food, you found fingers in your can o’ soup like Cracker Jack prizes.

That’s just the way it was before people opened their eyes. Big money corporations always had a way of rubbing wads of cash on their asses and smearing it on the noses of everyone outside of the power structure. Once the industrial revolution had grown deep enough roots, people’s complaints about lost lives and limbs no longer feel upon deaf ears. Government regulation made it necessary for corporations to wash and powder beforehand, but they continued to try to rub and smear nonetheless.

Even though we’re not officially in a Depression, events of today seem like a bizarro throwback to the Great Depression and Pre-War America. Multi-national corporations and banks somewhat necessarily (we may never really know) get trillions of dollars to save them (and us) from their own fuckups -failing to do what they’re supposed to do, pushing the world’s economies to the edge of catastrophe; but then reward their inept employees with million-dollar bonuses…. And then months later, pull up to the drive-thru asking for more cash: rub and smear… but they’re in no real position to do so.

Monday when Erin Burnett went on her rant about tax codes being in place to avoid taxes -It’s the American Way! – she tried to cheer lead the ol’ corporate rub and smear. I don’t think people are buying it -once again, eyes are opened. That’s not to say she doesn’t have a point. A small but irrelevant point. Individuals and businesses would find little incentive to invest in their homes, themselves or their businesses without write-offs to offset certain expenses.  But that’s not her point. She’s attacking the White House and Treasury’s talks of dismantling the racket of corporations and individuals using off-shore banks to avoid paying taxes.

This table below shows the monies  States lose annually from off-shore tax hideouts. (click to see complete chart)states-tax-theftThe New York Tri State area and Cali alone would reclaim a total of over $26.5 billion. $100 billion for all 50 states. Only in the age of the corporate benefactor/ “robber baron” does Burnett and Republicans defending off-shore tax shelters somewhat make sense.  As fucked up as they were back then, people didn’t mind a little shit smear from them. Why? The pre-war corporate machines and robber barons were the financiers, true creators  and visionaries of American growth. As exploitative as they were, they actually left the world better than they found it. So much so that in 1907, like a financial super hero, Jay Pierpont Morgan single-handedly saved Wall Street and the economy. Flash forward a century when last year, JP Morgan Chase took $25 Billion in TARP funds so that they wouldn’t contribute to the financial world’s death spiral. If you can rescue the business world from annihilation, we’ll take some shit from you every once in a while. But if your modus operandi is raping the world for profits and then needing to be rescued when you fail, you might want to close your mouth when that shit smear comes your way.

If I were Barack Obama, I’d say this:

“Look. If they don’t pay up the tax money they’re hiding outside the country, they’re going to have to worry about a lot more than shit stains”


~ by Chief Racka on May 5, 2009.

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