Michael Steele’s First 100 Days


Man.. When I posted Let’s Get Ready to ROFL, I had no idea how much rolling and laughing we’d get at Mike Steele’s expense. His appointment to “head” the RNC was an obvious attempt at Republicans to say “Hey we got a black guy too!”  Only their black guy was Bizarro Obama and that dude was a study in how to set gasoline and match to everything that hadn’t already been reduced to rubble.. and make an ass of yourself along the way. The funny thing is, I feel bad for him. I like to see the underdog succeed. And I think he knows what needs to be done to change the party around, but he doesn’t have the intellectual capacity nor the leadership abilities to make it happen. Not to mention, the RNC’s base, really doesn’t want it. Their game of accumulating least common denominator voters has worked for so long that they no longer know how to speak intelligently to intelligent people; and enough of the populace has evolved beyond falling for their tools of fear and loathing that they’ve severely marginalized themselves. But still, they’d rather continue playing that game. So in our universe, like Superman’s, Bizarro was doomed to failure from jump. Just substitute the yellow sun and blue kryptonite with reason and common sense. And two or more political parties with reason and common sense would be a lot better for this country than almost one.

Maybe I don’t feel so bad…. He knew about the landmines that awaited him… and fuck if he didn’t smash himself onto each and every one.

Ladies and Gents, Micky Steez’s First 100 Days

If I were Barack Obama…

“Well.. Look. What is there to say? When someone ether’s himself on this level… all you gotta do is stand by and let them twist in the wind.”

~ by Chief Racka on May 13, 2009.

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