Jesse “The Body” Ventura Ain’t So Crazy


I used to think that Jesse Ventura was crazy.  OK, I still do. But I just realized that a big part of his crazy is the way he speaks. It’s like he’s a s-l-o-w chain smoker who’s part Donald Trump, part hick from Fargo, part blustery old school wrestler. Listening to him on Larry King Live, though (video below), made me realize that he’s not as nutty as I’d originally thought- or he’s on his meds.

A few things to note:

He’s been waterboarded, defends Colin Powell and he crucifies Darth Cheney on toture, his service record, and his ability to handle a gun- OH!

Says that we would have caught bin Laden if torture worked.

He’s basically plagiarizes my argument for stopping violence in Mexico by legalizing marijuana.

Says government should not define marriage. Keep it civil and don’t even ask for the gender of the couple.

He’s met Fidel Castro and he’s all for normalizing relations with Cuba and drops a gem in the process: (rough paraphrasing) “We live in a free country, but our government tells us where we can’t vacation.” And he’d be willing to be ambassador to Cuba.

He’s a surfer and a poet and will probably kill you if you don’t let him spit.

I’m still pretty sure that if he’d been allowed to just speak (the poetry is a clue) he would have appeared a lot less than sane, but this Larry King Live interview was pretty much on-point.

Part 1:

Part 2:

~ by Chief Racka on May 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Jesse “The Body” Ventura Ain’t So Crazy”

  1. Jesse was crazy enough to have actually run for governor and won.

  2. I think that says more about the people of Minnesota than him, but you’re right. He’s a very pragmatic and no-bullshit politician… which is crazy in politics.

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