Crack Clouds Over NYC

Courtesy of Gabe of Army of Gabe fame (his site has been shuttered) who co-wrote BLING with Combat Jack.

These crackheads talk you through what it feels like to smoke that rock. The thing that kills me is that the one dude admits to not having sex or an erection in 3 months (which obviously precludes sex)… cuz he’s just been chasing the rock like that. And he wistfully describes the White House as a big magical crack rock (kind of).

Back when this was taped, the internet, a black president and a middle-class person barely being able afford to live in Hell’s Kitchen could have only been in a crackhead’s dream.

~ by Mr N-Bomb on May 19, 2009.

6 Responses to “Crack Clouds Over NYC”

  1. First, great work with the blog. I thought you might be interested in this as well. Someone is auctioning off the chance to become an honorary black person on Ebay. The winner gets a certificate with an OLD Al Sharpton picture and a “guide to being black.” I found it hilarious, but I know some people might be offended. Here’s the link to the blog I saw it on:
    It’s also on Ebay.

  2. I remember seeing a crack head down the block, laid out in front of the stores talking to themselves like Pookie in New Jack City Style. That image is stuck in my mind forever.

  3. Man.. crackheads used to roll up and down the street with shopping carts full of shit that either don’t work, or belonged to your neighbor.

  4. This just made me incredibly sad.

  5. ^ I was just about to say how sad this is. Great work. Btw, where’s the footage from?

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