Anti-Hip-Hop Rap

Not that Hip-Hop necessarily has a political stance. But when some of rap music’s early seminal moments were defined by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Run DMC, Public Enemy and KRS-ONE launching bombs at Reagan-era politics, this shit is disgusting. I think rappers need to consider issuing death-sentence Fatwas on muhfuckers who disrespect the art like this.

What’s not surprising is that this is probably the worst attempt at rapping. Ever. What is surprising is that it is not a parody. I don’t know if this is a part of Michael Steele’s attempt to “take the heezy it to the suburban urban streets” or whatever the fuck he’s trying to do. But I think even Rush Limbaugh, in the throes of a vicodin bender, would be embarrassed of this shit.

If I were Barack Obama, I’d release this statement:

“Seriously? This shit? You want me to comment on this shit? Fuck. Ok….  Uh.. look… The only good thing about this shit is that it ends at 3:36 not 4:38. And what the fuck is that Superman shit at 2:52? I love how conservatives try to paint me as a socialist, not really knowing what a socialist is. Meanwhile under previous Republican administrations, corporate and elite ‘socialism’ ran unchecked with the richest individuals and businesses getting massive tax cuts to supposedly benefit the country and our economy. You all know how that turned out. And why the fuck is everyone jocking Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged? I guarantee you that less than 1% of the assholes who talk all that John Galt shit have actually read the book. I know cuz I’m yet to finish it and I ain’t no fucking joke. Oh and FUCK yo iPod jokes.”

~ by Chief Racka on May 31, 2009.

4 Responses to “Anti-Hip-Hop Rap”

  1. U sure it wasn’t a parody? That shit was horrible. I doubt any young white dude in this day and time would take that shit serious.

  2. Thats. really. terrible.

  3. GTO: some people are really really out of touch. And I think their messages trumped the delivery. Sad, really. Disrespectful too.

  4. It’s a joke obviously ….Isn’t it? Hip hop isn’t music anyway. Its just people talking with some music (usually stolen from someone who actually writes music) playing in the background. Guys with stupid made up names like “Young Jeezy?”. Its immature and damaging. The negative lyrics glamorizing murder and crime are ridiculous. As a Black man I feel that it does not accurately represent me. In fact I find it insulting. Please notice I sign off with a REAL name. All this talk about “being real” and these guys don’t even use their own birth names!!! Ha.. I’ll stick with my funk and Jazz thanks.

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